Why We Got Started

Peak Together is more than a fitness and wellness blog. Peak Together is about building a community!

Our nation’s health has deteriorated for many years; obesity is at an all-time high, heart disease and diabetes are leading causes of death. And yet, fitness, exercise, and being active - a natural endorphin-stimulating relaxation, is still not being promoted as a way of making ourselves happier, healthier, and most importantly, self-affirmed. Instead, they are promoted in a way that propagates a feeling of guilt, self-deprecation, and inadequacy.

The fitness industry’s message is often marginalizing, misleading, and promoting a false understanding of body positivity. A slogan like “Get your beach body,” fat-loss miracle drugs, and quick fitness ‘guides’ imply that you are not good enough and suggest that if you take a pill or join this workout plan, you are going to see instant results. That is simply not true!  

With this understanding, Peak Together aims to promote a healthy approach to fitness and wellness. We want people to understand exercising can be a pleasurable experience for everyone regardless of experience level. We want people to understand that it takes time and care for oneself to see meaningful results.  

Peak Together is looking to shift the fitness industry into a more inclusive and welcoming future.  

That future includes having a more altruistic approach to business. This is why we aim to not only talk about fitness and wellness, but we will address food insecurity and dedicate resources to solving this issue.

When we support our fitness and wellness journey, we will be helping those who have been deprived of equal access to nutritional foods.